Photo above: RadiaBeam has a wide range of capabilities under one roof, from design to manufacturing to testing. This lets us quickly solve our customers’ most challenging problems.


Are you looking for a high-energy e-beam source, a linac component, a turnkey system or an R&D breakthrough in applied accelerator science? RadiaBeam has the full range of capabilities to meet your goals. Our expert personnel, facilities and positive customer-focused approach will support your project and product needs from start to end. Our most important measure of success is the success of our customers!
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Research and Development

RadiaBeam’s team of scientists, engineers, machinists and technicians offers a unique blend of skills, experience and ingenuity, necessary to transition your conceptual idea into a working prototype. We know how to make visionary ideas work in the real world. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clients to develop innovations.

Design, Simulation, and Engineering

RadiaBeam’s expert staff is experienced with a wide range of simulation tools and codes that we apply to our designs. These include numerical tools for optimization of beam dynamics, radiation sources, 3D microwave and magnetic systems, as well as engineering tools for mechanical, structural and thermal analysis of components and systems. In addition, our sister company, RadiaSoft LLC., is specialized in scientific computing and has a wide range of numerical tools adaptable to your project needs.


RadiaBeam employs the latest CAD and simulation software. We can completely design your product or simply help you refine your own design. Once the design process is done, we can give you documentation in a number of industry standard formats. Our engineers and machinists work closely together to optimize manufacturing strategies for a cost-optimized high quality solution.

Precision Machining

RadiaBeam prides itself in our fabrication capabilities. Our expert machinists have decades of experience, and our large high-bay workshop (~4,000 sqft) is equipped with state-of-the-art machining equipment, including a dozen CNC mills and lathes and a full suite of shop inspection tools. Further, our purpose built temperature controlled rooms for fabricating high tolerance components and both conventional and automated inspection ensure we meet our stringent standards.

Magnet Coil Winding and Testing

Due to our beam physicists background, we realize that well-characterized, reliable magnets are essential to any sort of accelerator-based work. We wind our coils in-house using the most precise equipment available and technicians with decades of experience. Our precision magnetic testing and metrology system, including 3-axis Hall probes along with pulsed and vibrating wire stands ensure that our magnets meet your specs now and in the future.

UHV Preparation

RadiaBeam has developed cleaning facilities based on the unique requirements set by national laboratories around the world. We will meet your stringent hydrocarbon and vacuum level standards so you can trust our products to be ready to use right out of the package.

Optical Testing

RadiaBeam is fully equipped to design, engineer, fabricate and test optical systems for a wide variety of applications. Our facility is equipped with a 1,000 ft2 optics laboratory with several lasers and a FIR/THz test bench. Our optics capabilities support our line of custom profile monitors, many of which require advanced imaging systems, and our expansive R&D projects in laser and photonics science.

RF Testing

Our in-house RF testing lab is equipped with a 20 GHz network analyzer, automated bead pull system, complimentary instrumentation, and environmental controls. The RF testing lab is an integral component of the production of all our RF products, allowing timely design and fabrication validation.

Installation and Service

If you need us there when you open the crate, we can be there. We offer full installation service and will come back anytime you need us for service and maintenance. That won’t be often.