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Development Engineer

Development Engineer sought by RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC in Santa Monica, CA (Los Angeles County).

Duties: Develop, model, assemble, and maintain controls systems of particle accelerators. Model, characterize, and evaluate RF structures for linear electron acceleratorsAssemble, operate, and maintain linear accelerators for generation of X-ray radiation for industrial useDevelop, install, and operate radiation detectorsWrite reports and scientific papers about accelerator, RF, and nuclear physicsPresent results in topical conferences.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in Nuclear Physics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, or a related field, plus four (4) years of nuclear engineering or research experience: working with industrial or medical X-ray radiation systems; developing and modeling particle accelerators; analyzing industrial and/or medical nuclear installations at nuclear facilities or laboratories; writing reports on accelerator, RF physics or nuclear physics; adhering to strict nuclear safety standards. 

Salary: $125,507/year 

Send resume to email: jobs@radiabeam.com