Photo above: Pictured above is a turnkey linac system that was designed, engineered and manufactured by RadiaBeam. Our linac and betatron systems cover the range from portable systems for radiography to high-power sterilization facilities.


We offer customized, cost-optimized OEM linac systems for applications such as radiography, sterilization and irradiation. A linacs system usually consists of four subsystems, each in its own separate enclosure: the linac head (radiation source), the modulator (power supply), the temperature control unit (cooling system), and the control module (computer). The linacs come with an X-ray converter by default, but can also be configured to provide electron beams.

Types of systems we design, customize to your specific project, and manufacture include the following:

Linac Systems, S- and X-band
Interlaced Energy Linacs
Miniaturized X-ray System
Compact Betatrons
Accelerating Structures
Self-Shielded Irradiators
Custom Accelerator Systems

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